Our Mission:

The beautiful state of Kerala has a very rich cultural heritage. Kerala Hindu Society Melbourne aims to facilitate and nurture the Hindu way of life, to create a sense of pride and commitment in our service to humanity, to promote co-operation and unity among Kerala Hindus throughout Australia, and to educate our youth about Hindu customs, traditions, heritage, and generate a greater understanding and appreciation of our cultural roots and identity.

Our Purpose:

“Manava Seva Madhava Seva – The Service of Humanity is the Service to the Lord.”

The purpose of this society is to preserve the Hindu cultural heritage through the following activities;

1. To promote and practice Hindu culture, philosophy and religion as a unifying force for a peaceful world –“Loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu”.

2. To celebrate all major Hindu festivals, build closer relationships and promote cultural harmony.

3. To conduct multicultural events that leads to preserve and promote cultural heritage of Kerala Hindus in Melbourne.

4. To participate in various multi cultural celebrations of Local Councils and the state of Victoria.

5. To acquire Land and build a Temple and a Community centre in the historical Kerala architecturestyle in Melbourne.

6. To encourage Kerala Hindus in Melbourne to form prayer groups and strengthen moral and spiritual well-being and facilitate an environment to practice Hindu religious activities.

7. To assist our children develop a sense of pride and identity with our ‘Sanatana Dharma’ while actively helping them prepare to be the finest citizens of our modern time.

8. To teach and provide guidance to our children in learning Malayalam language and the Hindu religion.

9. To engage in every possible humanitarian activities including assisting socially and economically disadvantaged community members.

10. To support other not-for-profit and charity organizations, working for the welfare of mankind.