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Lord Sree Krishna Sree Ayyappa Temple Project Melbourne

Vision :

“We envision a significant place of worship and gathering for the Kerala Hindu community in Melbourne that reflects and respects the principles and traditions of Hindu religion”.

Project Objectives :

The objectives of building a temple for Kerala Hindu community are to:

  • Promote the spirit of devotion, dedication, worship and cultivate Hindu values and morals of life
  • Impart education on Hindu culture and traditions thereby developing a sense of pride in our ‘Sanatana Dharma’
  • Engage and volunteer to serve the community
  • Celebrate Hindu festivals and strengthen multiculturalism
  • Promote spirituality,morality, care and love for our Planet

Project Facilities :

The Masterplan for the overall Temple Complex includes the following facilities within the temple compound. These facilities will be well designed reflecting the Kerala temple architecture and hence be delivered in a strategic manner.

  • A central deity shrine to give offerings to Sree Krishna, Sree Ayyappan and other Deities as per the Kerala Hindu traditions and religious practices
  • A large multipurpose hall for Spiritual/Cultural/Social programs, Marriage functions/ ceremonies, Meditation and Yoga retreats, Health & Wellbeing community sessions and seminars
  • A classroom to deliver teaching of Indian Epics like Mahabharatam and Ramayanam
  • A Cultural Library to help impart and promote Ancient Indian knowledge and research
  • An Ayurveda Medical Clinic on site
  • A kids friendly ‘Vrindhavan’ which is a divine and serene place for children’s activities and empowerment
  • Well landscaped outdoor gardens and open spaces with fruit trees that sets a beautiful backdrop for community activities

Contact :

Please contact us for more information or any clarifications: templeproject@khsm.org.au

We invite your support and suggestions to the project by communicating to us through this page/by email/by phone. The actual name and location of the temple is open to community consultation as and when we make progress on this project.